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More of my story

Here's some more of my "little kid" story. ;D


Chapter V
Where’s Jennifer?

I cut a little hole, just to see my surroundings. I saw that only one nomad was guarding me…but where was Jennifer? Surely she was here tied up in a sack, too. She probably was.
   Just then, five other nomads came walking up the dusty hill. Great—there went my chance of escaping. Nice going, Allegra.
    They walked up to the other nomad.
“Devin, untie the sack,” commanded the leader of the group.
  I hurriedly stuffed my dagger back into my sash, just as I was dumped out of the sack. They all laughed at me as I tried to run away.
   Devin, though, had grabbed me by the collar. “Where do you think you’re going? You think your father can save you?”
  Just then, I thought of something—there were no nomads in England. Well, at least not ones who dress like that
.  I glanced at one of the guy’s clothes, and saw a French army uniform underneath his costume.
  My mouth dropped.
“Surprise, surprise,” laughed the main man. “You didn’t expect beloved Duke Rubian to be a spy for France, did you?”
  So Rubian was a person in the book? And he’d kidnapped me? And I knew him? But why?
  “Why would you do it, Ru?” the name “Ru” came out of my mouth before I could stop it, as though this were part of the book, or as if I had known this man for a long time. I could feel that he had been a kind of uncle-like person to me.
  He laughed. “Why? For power, of course!” he laughed again. “And besides, everybody knows that you’re the most favored girl at the castle. Everybody would do anything to save you.” He chuckled evilly. “Even give up the throne.”
I kicked him in the shins, and elbowed Devin painfully in the stomach. Grabbing a horse nearby, I dug my heels into its sides—HARD.
   I had never ever ridden a horse before, so all I could do when it broke into a dead gallop was hang on.
  I kind of wished it were a dog, so I could just yell, “find the castle”! or something like that.
  Instead, I held on and hoped the horse would go the right way.

I clung on, and the horse kept on going and going. I wished I had learned more about horses when we had been back in England. Wait, this was England—just not my England…this was one out of a book.
  As I rode, I glanced behind me to see if anybody was following—not yet, thank goodness. I wished I could somehow have had the book—then, I could find out what happened, and prevent anything happening to me—like secretly getting kidnapped by Duke Rubian or something.  
  I sighed, and reached into my pocket—and felt something that almost made me fall off the horse. I pulled it out into the sunlight, unsure if it really could be…
  “The book!” I shrieked in happiness.
I opened it up, and saw the part about how we had been kidnapped and everything. It said I got kidnapped, got away and…then the writing disappeared. I couldn’t believe it—why? Why had it disappeared? Great. Not good at all.
  Just then, I saw the towers of a castle looming ahead, before me. The horse ran over the drawbridge into the town, and into the village. All of the people were shouting and yelling. The horse rode on, going towards the castle. We hurried through the gate, and a boy took my horse.
  I second I stepped off, I was swamped by nobles.
“Excuse me!” I yelled. “Where’s Princess Aspen? I must speak with her!” Aka Jennifer, of course.
   “Princess Aspen?” asked one of the nobles. “Wasn’t she with you?”

Chapter VI
Remembering Sean

I was hurriedly ushered into the royal castle by the nobles who had swamped me in the first place, and I had a hard time trying not to step on anybody (or trying not to get stepped on). Soon, I could see bright torchlights ahead. We turned to the right and came into the throne room.
   We all bowed.
“What is this?” asked the King, joylessly. “The beloved Rose of Darrellby castle has been restored! Come, girl!”
  I walked tentatively up to the throne and bowed. “Your Majesty.”
He nodded. “How art thou doing, Rowena?”
    I nodded. “I am fine. Hast thou seen thy daughter, Aspen?”
He laughed. “Aspen? No, I haven’t, and I don’t really care. You will probably take over the castle, anyway—you are betrothed to my son…”
  I choked, and just barely had time to hide it. Betrothed? I was going to die!
 “Thy servant has to go now!” I said hurriedly.
I bowed again, and hurried out of the throne room.  I had no idea where my room was, so I just hurried down the halls of the castle and tried to stay out of the way, such as hiding the shadows of the dark halls, where the torches cast no light.
     Just then, I saw that I was going toward the main door. I speeded up my steps—surely they had a stable, right? Then I could get some fresh air! I hurried along and out the door, making a beeline to the barn. I breathed in the deep, soothing scent of hay.
I looked around and saw Alan hiding behind the door. “Alan?”
  He sighed madly. “Yes, Alan. I just managed to get out of the way of that weirdo and I heard from a villager that you were back here. So, I’m here to make you get me back to England. Come on, how do I get back?”
  I looked at him. “Well, frankly I don’t know. But you’re smart, you should find out how by yourself.”
   Alan fell onto his knees. “Please take me back to England! I’ll to anything! I’ll never be mean to you again! Just PLEASE get me home!”
  I sighed. “I’m sorry. Oh, by the way, have you seen Jennifer? She disappeared in a night attack by some weird Duke and nobody’s seen her.”
  Alan gawked. “YOU were in a battle?! Why didn’t you tell me?! Don’t you think I would have liked to know?”
  I shook my head. “It wasn’t like you think it was.”
Then I remembered the Duke—I had to tell the King!

A while later (after already telling the King about the duke) I had finally managed to find my room. I sat on the bed, thinking—and I was starting to think that the Duke wasn’t the real bad guy. Sure, he had tried to kidnap me (which he kind of succeeded in, but anyway…) but he just wasn’t the type—he wasn’t evil enough.  Who could be the Mastermind behind all of this?
   I know I should’ve probably have been trying to find a way out of here and back to the real England, but while I was here, I might as well try to help the people, right? Well, that was my point of view. And then we had the case of Jennifer having disappeared. I already knew where Alan was, but I couldn’t leave without my best friend.
   I glanced out the window, at the courtyard, the stables, the village behind…how come there wasn’t some riddle to follow to find the answer to all of my questions like in all of the books? How come there wasn’t some guy who came and helped me to find out who the bad guy was? And where on earth was someone who could help me find Jennifer…?
  Wait! The main character! Sean! Where on earth was he? And what was I talking about? I had to the book for goodness sakes!
   I quickly grabbed it and hurried out the door.

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