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More about Elite Frost.

So remember when I posted a little bit about Elite Frost? {I'm not leaving the link, but it shouldn't be that hard to find if you scroll down because not a lot of authors post anymore}
The idea of Elite Frost is actually getting on fairly well.

Elite Frost is different then the character's I'd normally right about. She's in the same sort of survival-setting as Alissa was in, except it's much rougher. Also, she actually grieves killing even animals to eat and is fairly soft hearted. Don't get me wrong, Alissa was rather like that too. But she {Alissa} was more of ''if I have to do it I have to do it'' sort of gal.

Anyway, here's a bit of Elite Frost's story.


Some kids I knew would have punched the wall in anger. Other would have drowned their sister’s kitten in a fit of rage.
But I simply sighed and threw the letter across my room.
I got up and pulled on my form-fitting jeans and evergreen tank-top. After that I put on an over sized leather jacket and supple leather boots.
Jumping off the last step of the stairs, I grabbed my bow and arrows.
The chill morning was dewy and crisp. I deeply breathed in, enjoying the feel and smell of it.
I walked towards the woods, trying to ignore the group of larger teenagers heading my way.
I knew they were going to stop me but I keep walking calmly to the woods.
‘’Hey, shorty. Where you think you headin’ off to?’’ The leader of the small gang calls out, spitting out a straw.
I turn to face him, staring him evenly in the eye. This unnerves him. Stupid creature; for some unknown reason he thinks I’ll back down. Because I’m a girl, or I’m small. What he doesn’t see is the muscles that are hidden under the jacket, or the defensive pose I hold. Or obviously the weapon I have.
‘’To the market,’’ I answer drily, while in small movements stringing my bow. His group behind him snickers.
I could have killed them for that. The fact that his own buddies are laughing at him only enrages him further.
‘’Don’t try to be so smartie with me, shorty. Maybe I’ll give you the beating you deserve,’’ he says menacingly, taking a step towards me.
But I know his threats are empty. ‘’Yeah, right,’’ I answer, and I aim my arrow at his heart. We both know that if I choose to let my arrow fly, I will not miss my target.
He glares at me one last time before muttering something to his crew like: ‘’Next time. I’m lettin’ her off lucky. She gonna need it.’’
I grin to myself as the group leaves. Every morning, I go out to the woods. I rarely hunt however, because we all know that I can do it. Sometimes I kill an animal for dinner, so that they won’t forget. I can easily kill one of them as I can a squirrel.
I don’t feel like hunting today. Instead I sit on one of my favorite, flat boulders.
I know I should be hunting. This meeting we had is the closest we have gotten to a fight yet. I need to kill something as a warning.
But I can’t. I hate the smell of death, of the blood of the animals. I hate knowing that I’m the one who has caused this ugly thing.
I laugh quietly at myself. If anybody else knew, my position as hunter would automatically fall down to prey. They would probably kill me if they knew. No, they would.
And this is the world I live in.

Chapter One:

I hold my breath as I look upon the magnificent sight.
The young doe, as pretty as can be, breaks from her feasting to stare directly at me.
I should take this opportunity to shoot her. To kill her for dinner, and breakfast, and many more meals.
But I can’t.
I let my bow fall as she runs away. A measly hunter I make.
Sighing, I bend down to pick up some edible plants. Rosemary. It wouldn’t taste half bad on a squirrel.
As if by luck, one comes prancing along. It stops, just like the doe did, and listens to something. Also like with the doe, this is the perfect opportunity to kill it. Silently, I aim for the eye. A clean shot, and it kills instantly. If I have to kill, I’ll make sure it will be done as soon as possible.
I’m about to let my arrow fly when the squirrel darts away. It moves too quickly for me to kill it running.
Both the doe and the squirrel puzzle me. I have done everything in silence with both of them, yet they still run. Something must be here besides me.
I watch warily for any flicker of movement, still not moving myself. The bushy, green sprouts of rosemary helps conceal me with the wild bushes around me.
There’s nothing here, I tell myself. All I hear is the faint sounds of my own breathing and animals moving. There are not many creatures who would wait this long to move, even if it was for safety. I can hardly believe I’ve been here so long myself.
There’s no need for me to be silent but I do it instinctively; slithering into a crouch, prepared to walk away, silently.
Just then it moves. A shape that looks hardly bigger than mine moves into view. By its showing of soft stubble, it looks like a boy hardly older than me, fourteen. Like a wild creature the boy shakes his eye-length, dirty blonde hair out of his face. He grins to himself and I hate how I notice how nice it looks on his face. Mother told me in a world different than ours, admiring this wouldn’t be a fault. But it’s not a different world, and roughness is required to survive.
‘’Now, I thought I saw rosemary somewhere around here…’’ the boy says quietly to himself, still smiling. He takes a dirty, callused hand and pushes it through his front hair, all while his eyes search for the rosemary.
The rosemary. I panic. If he finds the rosemary, he finds me also. I walk on all fours quietly away, hoping that animal sounds will mask the small sounds I make.
It’s too good to be true. Without tensing, stopping or anything he leaps at me, his back still facing me.
He turns in the air and catches me utterly by surprise. I hadn’t seen the muscles that bulged under his baggy shirt, and he pins me down with great force.
He’s panting only lightly. My bow and arrows press into my back, pinned down by me. There’s no chance for me to get them.
‘’Who are you?’’ He asks roughly. The same light blue, almost clear eyes that twinkled before are now cold.
Raven Moorwood, I almost say. But before I know what I’m doing I answer: ‘’Elite Frost.’’
‘’Well then, Elite Frost, I must ask what you are doing spying on me,’’ he answers. He doesn’t hear the false note in my lie, or if he does he doesn’t press it.
He’s polite but yet he’s in control. He’s obviously one who can wind you up without barely lifting a finger to do so; controlling everything just with his tone.
Somehow this annoys me. ‘’I must ask you what you’re doing scaring off my lunch. First the doe, now the squirrel,’’ I snarl. I try to wiggle my arms out of his grasp but he only tightens it.
‘’And would you really kill an innocent doe, Elite Frost?’’ He asks quietly, his eyes boring into mine.
Weakness and pity are the worst things you could show around here. ‘’As easily as I could kill you,’’ I answer just as softly, hoping my voice doesn’t crack or betray me in any other way.
‘’Ah, well, that doesn’t sound so good for me. I must not let you go in that case,’’ He says. He does it while he talks and his eyes never leave mine, so I don’t know he’s binding up my wrists. ‘’Don’t struggle, please, it makes it all the so much harder. It’s much less painful for both of us this way,’’ he says courteously, moving down to my feet. His face is directly above my feet as he works and I take the chance to kick him in the face.
He sits up abruptly, blood pouring out of his nose. The sight of it makes me nauseous. I struggle to get on my feet as well as I can and to get away from this polite stranger as soon as I can. Using a tree trunk to support my back, I wiggle my way up.
My hands tied up and my head still dizzy from the blood, I start to run. ‘’Oh no you don’t,’’ I hear him grunt. I can hear his panting and running feet even behind the screaming.
My screaming, I recognize. As soon as I do the screams die down in my throat, leaving them only a lump.
I’m fast. I know that because of the hour-less long days of practice and training. He won’t catch up to me.
But he does. Like before, he takes a hurling jump and pins me down.
‘’I’m sorry. I did warn you, if you remember,’’ he says. I feel a sharp blow on my head and his words start to drift.
When I come to I’m bouncing on his back. We’re still in the woods and I almost think that nothing has happened. But the jiggling and bouncing brings me back.
I can’t escape. My hands and feet are bound. One strong arm keeps me pinned to his shoulder. But he didn’t think of stuffing a bandana or cloth in my mouth, and I can speak.
‘’You know my name; it’s only fair I should know yours,’’ I say, in my way of telling him I’m awake.
‘’I was wondering when you’d wake up,’’ he says pleasantly. He changes the subject easily and gracefully, but I won’t let him.
‘’Tell me your name,’’ I say, more insistent this time. He pauses before answering. ‘’Fine. Tyler Dean,’’ he answers.
That’s probably not his name. But I didn’t give out my true name either, so I don’t press him. 

What do you think? I know, it's pretty different. 
Post script: Has anybody else noticed that I'm almost the only one who's posting anymore? It's almost like it's becoming more of my blog than anybody else's. ;)      


  1. Wow, that's a really fun story! I can't wait to read more!

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad somebody likes it. :D



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