Saturday, July 13, 2013

For all you Narnia fans

Ok, here's how this works. Read the question and choose the answer. Hope you like it!

If you were whirrled away to Narnia, where would you appear?

1. in the middle of a forest-near lanternwaste
2. in the belly of a ship bound for the Lone Islands
3. Not far from Cair Paravel

if your answer was 2 or 3, scroll down to the blue for 2 or the green for 3.

If your answer was 1.....
You plomp down on the grass, startled, you leap to your feet. Then it hits you- you're in the place you've always wanted to be- Narnia. Then suddenly your peaceful thoughts are interrupted. An arrow slices by you and buries itself in the trunk of a tree. You whirl around, and the next thing you know, a dozen archers dressed in green and brown, their bows drawn, are surrounding you. You gulp and.....

1. run!
2. faint dead away
3. show that you are unarmed and ask what they want.

if your answer was 1..... sorry, there is no way you could escape. An arrow slices through the air and  before you know it you're gone.

if your answer was 2...... you wake up back home, none the worse for your venture.

if your answer was on.

The leader steps forward. He is dressed almost like you imagine Robin Hood. He is tall with blond hair and blue eyes. "Who are you and what do you do here?" you gather your courage and say, "My name is ....... and I have just arrived from another world. Who are you?"

"We are the knights of Narnia, sent out to kill a ruthless dragon who lives near here. If you value your life I would leave this place."

"And do not you value your lives?"

He slowly nods his head and looks down at the ground, then back up, fire in his eyes. "We have no fear of death. If we do not succeed then all is lost. The dragon will go on murdering and killing with none to stop it. We value our lives, but we put the lives of other men above out own."
You slowly nod your head then.....

1. Take their advice and leave.
2. say you will go with them to your death
3. pause and try to think of a fitting speech to answer the leader.

if your answer was 1.....

sorry, but you didn't see the cliff and in your hurry to get away you accidentally slipped over the edge.

if your answer was 2..... read on....

if your answer was 3.....

the leader is disgusted. He honors action and deed, not words. He sends you on your way, and you end up the same way as answer 1 did.

I'll post the rest of this story later!

if your answer was number 2.....

You land with a bump on something hard-wood. The air smells salty and your feet won't hold you upright. You look up. A table is sliding around on the floor. A lantern is swinging above it and a fearful roaring noise is coming from somewhere. You stagger upright. suddenly a trap door opens and in comes a sailor. He sees you and stops dead still. "Wha'?" he says. "A stowaway!" Suddenly you.....

1. run past him up the stairs towards the light.
2. say that you are not a stowaway and you want to know where you are.
3. say that you will call the British consul.

if your answer was 1.....

sorry, you pushed past him and a wave swept you overboard. Good manners pay off sometimes.

if your answer was on

if your answer was 3...

sorry, no British consul here. You're not going to have much fun on this trip, so I'd suggest going back and picking another number. 

He tells you that you are in Narnia. You are so excited and ask if this is the Dawn Treader. He says it isn't, but that this is another ship almost like it. It's called the Sunset Dancer. You ask to see that captain, and he takes you to the main cabin. The captain is spreading out charts at a big desk. The sailor explains who you are. Something in you doesn't like his face. He offers you some ale. You.....

1. drink it-no problem!
2. explain that your mother doesn't let you have ale.
3. pretend to drink it but don't.

if your answer was 1.....

sorry, it was poisoned.

if your answer was 2.....

the captain runs you through and tosses your body overboard.

if your answer was on

I'll finish it later! =D

if your answer was 3.....

You land by a small pond with little fishes swimming around in it. You hear some shouting, and decide to investigate. It is a sword-fighting contest. You've studied your fencing and watch closely. Two knights are pretty evenly matched, but suddenly the taller of the two disarms his opponent. You saw how he did it. The winner laughs, then looks at you. "Ah! Won't the stranger in strange clothes try it?" You....

1. say no on no uncertain terms.
2. Run into the forest
3. accept the challenge.

if your answer was 1.....

sorry but saying no in not acceptable. You try to get away, but before you know it you have to fight him, and you loose, and in humiliation you go back home.

if your answer was 2....

sorry, but that was suspicious. They try to find you, but you tried to climb a tree and fell, so it was too late when they found you.

if your answer was 3....

read on.

You pick up the sword. It's a little heavier than the one you're used to, but it will do. The round starts. You go pretty evenly, then you take your chance and disarm him with the same stroke he used on his last opponent. He laughs and invites you to dine at the castle with all the lords and ladies. You.....

1. decline
2. accept
3. say that you'll come later.

if your answer was 1....

well, guess you might as well go back home.

if your answer was 2.....

read on in my next post

if your answer was 3....

you too can read on in the next post. =D


  1. Cool idea! I'm number two in the end, so I have to wait for the next post. Thanks!

    1. Thanks! I got the idea by doing it with my little sisters one day (they love Narnia). =D Hopefully I'll have more in a bit!

  2. This is so awesome! I ended in three! I can't wait for more:D Great idea Hadassah!

    1. Thanks Maddie! Hopefully I'll have more soon. =D


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