Friday, July 19, 2013

At The Window {A Short Story}

Old Town was just as it sounded... old. Not to mention boring.
The only places I practically went was the old, dirty swimming pool {what we called the lake--our town was too small for pools} and the school.
The school had more windows than any of the other buildings in town--but there wasn't much to see. One side faced the lake, which was too dirty to be a magnificent sight, and the other side faced the doctor's office.
The doctor's office was gray and molding, and was hardly any prettier to look at than the ''pool''. But if you were lucky, you got the window seat which was across from one of the doctor's office windows, and you could observe the people who sat by it.
There wasn't much fight for this seat, because the only people you saw were the very ones you passed everyday. So I took it, as I usually did... and the English teacher, Ms. Jones, glared at me... also as she usually did. It was a rather usual town.
Half-way through English class, and snoozing, a girl took the seat. She had short, blonde curls and startlingly blue eyes.
I couldn't help but stare. Nothing new ever happened at Old Town. Old Town was not only old, but it was usual. And seeing a strange, unusual girl at the window was quite... unusual.
She caught my eye and grinned softly, as if she knew what I was thinking. She gave a slight wave of her hand, still smiling.

She got out of the doctor's office as soon as I got out of English class. ''Hey, hey,'' I say, waving at her. She sees and stops. ''Hello?'' she questions. I give her my name and she answers ''Alyss.''
I grin as I stuff my hands in my pockets. ''Well, welcome Alyss.''
''And you too, Tom,'' she says as if I haven't been in Old Town all my life. Well, maybe I hadn't--not with Alyss.

{So I keep the fluff off my blog}


  1. I love the short story Maddi! Will there be more?

    Thanks for posting - Jess :)

    1. {I'm so sorry for the late reply}
      Thank you! Um, I think it's pretty unlikely that there will be more short stories with this story, but others, maybe. I'm actually thinking about starting a writing blog and just posting them there. :)


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