Sunday, July 29, 2012

Voice of an Angel {part 1}

HELLO, people! WA HA HA!!!! It's MY turn to write a story..... :3


''Amazing, Nicole. Simply amazing,'' my choir teacher, Ms. Willabe, said. I shrugged, not knowing what to say. Just at that moment the principle's voice boomed over the loud speaker. ''Nicole Patterson, please report to the principle's office.'' Oh no. I could already imagine the principle's office:
''Patterson,'' drawled the pot-bellied principle. ''Did you or did you not take my pie?!'' ''NOO!'' I screamed. Teachers started arriving out of thin air, circling my chair. Ms. Willabe darts out of the circle, and ties my hand to the chair with thread from the sewing class. Mr. Mark, the math teacher, shoves a year's work of homework into my face. ''DO IT!'' He cruelly yells. ''NEVER!'' I defiantly scream.
''Nicole? Shouldn't you be going?'' Ms. Willabe asks, gently shaking my shoulders. ''Oh!'' I mutter. ''Yeah, um, bye, Ms. Willabe,'' I say, waving goodbye. ''See ya later!'' Ms. Willabe answers.

I walk slowly down the hallway. Finally reaching the principle's office, I gently knock. ''Come in, Nicole,'' Mr. Mattern answers. ''You wanted me?'' I ask timidly, opening the door a creak. Mr. Mattern laughs. ''You can come in more than that, Nicole!'' ''Okay,'' I say, and sit down in the seat closest to the door. ''The school has made a very important decision. What do you think that might be?'' Teachers. ''You decided elephants should know how to read and write, too,'' I answer, thinking of what that would be like. ''N-O. No. The school has decided we are going to have  a musical! The auditions are next Thursday. You'll have to audition, but we thought you would make a very good main character if you choose so. Just think about it, won't you?'' ''Oh, of course,'' I stammer, heart beating wildly.

''What do you think?'' Mom asks. I had just told her about the offer. ''I love to sing, you know that, Mom. But what about my stage fright?'' I ask.

Hope you liked it!


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