Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A mystery

I fumbled around in the pantry looking for something to eat,

 nothing. "Honey, hurry up! You're going to be late for school!" "Ok

 Mom!" I grabbed a cinnomon bagel and ran out the door. With the

bagel half eaten in my mouth, I hopped on and started pedaling the 

half mile to school. I arrived breathless, I glanced at my watch,

8:15, only five minutes to go. I ran to the front doo and yanked it

open. I ran to my first class, History, and arrived there just as

 Mr. Horn was passing out-ugh, pop quizes. I slid into my seat next

to my best friend Rachel and started filling out questions. I loved

history and had

even read a little extra last night! "Class," Mr. Horn began,"I

have a important announcement to make,  in the academic competition this year is

Rachel Brown, Alicia Canning, Margo Liss and Courtney Salsa. I will anounce the boys later." I

could not believe it, I was not in the academic competition! This was a mystery and I was going to

solve it!


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