Saturday, October 19, 2013

Long Time No Hear \\ Combining Story Ideas

Hey, guys! :)

Wow, thanks to the rest of the authors for keeping this blog up and running. =P I haven't done a post on here in forever.... anyway, today I thought I would post about something that's really been helpful to me as a writer... combining story ideas.

Sometimes we come up with some really great ideas, right? But sometimes it's kind of only half-ideas or half-stories. For example: we come up with the greatest character ever; we know what they look like, how they act, etc. And they're the awesome. The problem? What on earth should their story be? It annoys us to pieces.

Then we get another inkling of an idea. A small part of a plot that would be deliciously good. We jot it down, hoping to find out more to that story, but still not sure yet.

We come up with a bigger plot; we know where the book should go, what's going to happen.

These are three great examples of ideas that could be combined. (Note: they shouldn't be combined if they don't go together right. Example: your character is like a medieval-age character, and your plot would be modern.)

And now suddenly we have this amazing idea that excites us so much that we jump up and run to the computer and start writing.

So don't give up on "half-ideas" and "half-stories"; maybe they're just waiting for their other half. :) Keep a sharp lookout on story ideas that could be paired together to make something amazing....

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