Sunday, February 10, 2013

An Author Request

Hello, lovely writing ladies!!

This is your admin speaking.

I have a request to set before you all.

There has been another request for an author.

I know that we've turned down all other requests, so I'm asking you guys, since it was your idea to have a limit on the number of authors.

She really wanted to do it, so I thought I'd bring it before the rest of you. However, I'm not sure we can, as we've turned away other hopeful young authors....

But it's all up to you guys.

What shall you choose?

Please get back to me on this!!!

Thanks!! :)


  1. Fine with me. I just don't want, like, 20 authors or something where we get so confused about who did what story :)

  2. The only problem is that we've turned away other hopeful young authors, so it wouldn't be quite fair. :/

  3. I didn't want to put you to such trouble. If you think it is unfair that is alright so no need to rack your brain over it. I still really want to do it but if it's to troublesome that is fine.

    1. Wait a sec... I think I have an idea... ;)


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