Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I gave up {and that's where you get your present}

I gave up. Not on a story; but on the urge not to start the second Snow White and thus have three books on my hands. For those who are waiting for it, there is your present.

We’re traveling a dark, dirty stairs going up. Everything is small and narrow, and in some places I have to wait for Andrew to budge himself forward. It smells of something horrible… like lost dreams or the sort. Our torch, once shining so brightly, now gives off an eerily blue light; bouncing off the walls and showing shadows of things that aren’t even there.  We go up and up and there still isn’t any sign of light or an opening.
      I’m not sure what came into me but suddenly I speak out loud in a voice that’s not mine: ‘’Let me out!’’
      In front of Andrew, where there was no passage, a door opens and light spills out. ‘’What was that?’’ Andrew asks sharply, turning to face me.

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